Twin Flame Journey to the Heart or Self Alignment Card Decks

I get a lot of questions around how do I use the cards, and where is the little book that usually comes with the cards. Like all of you I have many card decks, most with little books, some without.

In my decks, each card is the book, a glimpse of your story, an aspect of your self, you and the pathways chosen for your respective lessons on your journey to self. Many times I notice people will pick a card, drop the card and go straight to the little book, read it, move on quickly, then pick another, as they are looking for a card that will agree with whatever their head is telling them, so in this process they tend to miss the message given, and don't feel the essence of the card with their heart that spirit has chosen for them.


So without a book, my aim is to try and get you to spend more time on the card of self you have chosen, as its a chance for you to get to know you, as both decks compliment each other. My Self Alignment cards being the tool box as you journey whatever road you are on, and the Twin Flame Cards the Heart keys to helping you unlock further your doors within.  


As you all know we often ask for answers, and for the most part we get them, so if you get a card and your not sure, stick in on your fridge, bedside table, or screen shot it, look at the card at the end of the day or next, you will start to see the many layers of your self in that card come out, and its message will become clear to you, and why it was been chosen for you. 

My cards for both decks are cards of self, they are not Tarot cards as such, but a lot of healers, readers use them either separately, or in conjunction with their own other personal decks, as its not a one size fits all for each soul.


So when you pick a card sit with it, feel it's energy, hold it to your heart, deep breadth, feel it, how does the colors make you feel, read the message out aloud, when you hear your voice, the message resonates more, look at the number and numerological meaning of each card if you wish, I always bring back every number to a single digit, as each cards underlying interpretation and message is different for each person, as these are  all elements of you, your self, as you journey to the Heart and your own Self Alignment.


The cards will assist you, and like your heart they are your true compass of knowing, to help if your choose, achieve a balance between your heart and your head, always with the knowledge you have choice in finding  your self truth in your own timing. 


If you have just purchased, thank you, I hope these decks brings you much happiness,  and answers to your many questions.


I wish you much prosperity and love in your journey  to self and of the Heart :) Ernest 

                  The 9 Master Heart Key Cards

   in the Twin Flame Journey to Heart Card Deck

              Twin Flame Journey

We have many souls enter our lifetime, but we have only one Twin Flame. When we meet this person, an inner awakening occurs, a door is opened, a  deep knowing of each other is felt throughout the core of our being. At the point of recognition everything changes and our true journey of  self discovery begins.


This ride has many significant divine moments of bliss, and if you are reading this you know exactly what I mean, but you also know  there are many bumps and bruises that will be felt by both twins, as you come closer together, or when one departs and runs to the hills.  


Whether you become the runner or chaser, it doesn't matter, what is important for your mental and emotional survival is to  understand the process of your own self journey, as this ride has many ups and downs, especially  as each Twin moves closer together or apart. You will cope better if you understand each others process but especially your own, as the psychic and emotional connection is  strong and hard to explain  or share with anyone who does not have this experience. 


So while you may have just found the most significant person in your life, when one twin runs for whatever reason, the inner pain is raw and immense.   If you can stay open, understand the very highs and the very lows, and be patient, the ultimate painful word in this ride, remembering that it has taken literally eons of time to find and reconnect with each other, you will come back to each other quicker, stronger, more awakened, less dependent on each other, but more spiritually aligned to each Twin, serving each other, and other individuals from a high place of diving love. You see the question is not about not loving each other, but loving your self, surviving the struggle and the inner self process of growth, that's the lesson of each twin which will test often the inner faith  of both on their journey to self-alignment.


Have you found your Twin, are you lost, have they done a runner, let me guide and support you in this ride, to finding you, and what this means for you and your Twin Flame. Everything is choice and timing, as it is a gifted destined event as Twin Flames find each other again, to help complete each other, in this lifetime.

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                     Self and Spiritual Alignment  Key Cards

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