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 Soul Alignment


Each soul journey is so personal and unique. Navigating and finding the right path for you, has many  life challenges.  As you awaken through others, or events, the need to find your self and greater purpose pulls you strongly  inwardly. At this moment their is a strong  urge to align with self and discover you, and look within, images may be shown to you, a heightened sense of intuition occurring,  you  have a new keenness  to devote more time to your spirituality, or you start finding out what that means for you. For a lot of souls this awakening places them on a  path of spiritual self discovery. 


Expressing all this, and all that you have discovered about yourself to friends and loved ones can be difficult. Especially if they are not aligned or open to your journey, as everything is timing, and everyone awakens and discovers aspects of themselves  when they are ready. So how do we manage this.


Through my own self alignment and intent, I eventually surrendered and let go. Self judgment, and that of others became of lesser concern and   dropped away like autumn leaves from a tree. Self change occurred, my self-love increased, and my glass was now being filled by spirit.


When we are in alignment everything flows, we are in tune with the universe, source, others and especially our inner self and soul, our vibration increases, our inner light shines more brightly, we attract souls of like mindedness,  we then achieve spirit balance, like that of a spirit level used by builders to achieve perfect alignment.


You see we accept the spirit level example in our external world, as we don't want kitchen cupboards, houses out of alignment, but when it comes to our inner alignment we tend to not give any thought, so our compass spirals out of control. When we listen, become aware and align to our souls calling our inner compass then  stabilizes pointing  us in the direction of our highest good, as compared to our old compass settings randomly changing course with no clear direction.    


Together, I help you align to your inner compass, by helping you become aware of the process within. By not just seeing but feeling those moments of awakening, you then start to take notice of  the many signals given to you as your inner authentic self calls out to you seeking to align with your soul. As you get closer to this point you become aware of your self, your  truth, and what that means for you, supporting your unique soul journey and working out strategies with you that will help you find your soul purpose and spirituality whatever that is, that honors your path, at this point in your life.



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