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Channeled Writings

Ernest M. Henry

The Journey of Two Souls


In the beginning we were one Energy, light, part of a collective consciousness all merged together. 


The time came for each soul to descend to human form, Me in one life, you in another, no memories came with this life, just an inner knowing to find each other and reconnect as one.

Two souls, one heart, two journeys, departing at different times, at a given point we would meet again and be guided back to source and each other


Centuries went by, and as the cosmic clock ticked over, spirit called, it was time to come together.

 It was time to work together as one again. But how would we know, Then one day a chance meeting, a momentary glance, for all souls and Twin Flames are given this chance of re-connection,  2 souls in recognition of who and what they once where


Two souls now burned brightly as twin flames both on their individual journey and apart.

A door had opened we had both walked through, as do all twin souls not knowing what lay ahead

For this is the karmic magic of the journey, glimpses of our beginning emerged, and the pull of each soul

Was felt, like earth’s strong magnetic pull, the connection was re-established 

We each stood before the council of 5, brilliant colored lights emerging from them, a love felt from them like no other. We were shown the many lives we had and work we had done and still needed to do, it’s not your time yet to come home the keeper of records asked will you fulfill your karmic destiny and assigned missions


We intuitively answered yes in unison. In a moment we were allowed to see all the universe in its glory from its beginning, a kaleidoscope of stars and planets, a collection of consciousness of all souls, a deep sense of inner peace enveloped us, we were floating above the ground, transparent with sparkles of light


Before me stood one of the 5, the brightest of lights, all in transparent white emanating out immense love, a voice was heard within my whole body all souls are of divine love, that is who you are, all souls eventually find themselves through the actions of their heart, and selfless service to others, go tell all, for everything that needs to be achieved is through this space, so close your eyes our brothers and sisters of light and travel with me to your heart, I am always here in your heart space, emanate your divine love from here always to the outer world. 


We closed our eyes and through our hearts we merged with source and many souls, at this point we were pure light,immersed totally in an indescribable love never felt before, this is your home, this is where you come from 


Go back and teach from your heart, be not afraid, for there are many in pain who have lost their way & self-love within. We will always guide those that are open & ready with purposeful intent, for their hearts must be open to surrendering and letting go in order for them to find their own door of self-realization .


The forefront of their journey within starts with this step, help them to find their way and open them up by been of service to all that come your way, for this is the journey & purpose of the twin flame in service to others, yourself, and each other.

Let My Soul Soar


Each soul sits in their own karmic capsule

The door between flight and motionless lies within you as you are your own pilot


It is the individual soul that chooses to self-imprison through fear of self-judgement and to let go & soar the heights where you are destined to go


Dear ones remember you are your own navigator, pilot, plane, lift off and see what your view is from above, at present you see only from a ground perspective, climb to the top of any tree even as little as 2 meters up from the ground you will see a different outlook


Your soul waits to ascend, and is not concerned with a destination point, but only that you are willing to take off & leave the safety of your shoreline, for in that present moment all your gifts will open up to you within that journey.

The Soul’s Movement


You are like pebbles in a stream, moving gently, joined together by an unseen energy current evolving over time.

Before you dear ones, feel and see through your 3D senses all the shapes, sizes, and colors, notice that even the largest pebble moves and is in tune with natures flow


In that moment of recognition, an inner stillness envelops you, ones soul transcends back to self, for this is home and who you are, no words are needed, like pebbles and the flicker a candle flame we are timeless and forever in motion.

soul movement AdobeStock_131861121.jpeg

The Soul’s calling to each Sunrise & Sunset


From a deep sleep, I awaken daily to the sounds of each sunrise and sunset, it calls me to revisit the kaleidoscope of colors that source presents daily before me, and for those that will take time to see and touch its beauty.


The beauty of each sunrise and sunset, allows me at that moment to remember who I am, there is no separation from source or anyone just oneness with all, a glimpse of what collective consciousness of the heart and divine love feels like.


The deep golden orange and subtle blue hues that present in the sky before me, resonate deeply and speak to my soul, for this is the language of the heart, it’s like I have returned home after many lifetimes, at that moment of surrender, a profound stillness envelops me, angelic sounds guide and  emanate so softly around me, it lifts me up, and fills my soul, my body feels like light, it is a sound that is felt in the heart of all souls and goes out to all who care to listen.


The love and humility felt within me of what I feel and see, brings me to tears, a blessing given in natures purest form, for all those that will take time to hear their own voices and calling, a gentle reminder that is never too late to find your path, and start your own inner journey with your own sunrise or sunset.

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