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Trance Channeling
Channeling is where spirit work through the mind, the channel may be fully conscious of a stream of thought from another personality flowing through to them. The blending of the two minds creates a flow of inspirational talks.
It’s important to create harmony and balance to allow this connection to work. By Spirit impressing and inspiring us allowing their words and thoughts to influence us, and for us to let our minds step aside and let the magic flow. It’s important to recognize the difference in communication to that of your own. we are passionate about the power of spirit and the powerful influence they can bring into our lives to help us serve ourselves and others.
Excerpts from the book  "Soul Pathways "
Co - Authors
Marcia Quinton and Ernest M.Henry
Ernest M. Henry
​​​Spirit tends to draw me to past life imagery, answers for you to consider now, or they show me current situations to address, whatever message I feel or see, that spirit shows me, I present to you. I have learnt that what we expect to hear, and think we need, is always different to what messages spirit gives us through any medium, so that word Trust comes up for all of us, no matter which side of the table you sit on.
It’s always your choice, your timing, your free will, and what you want to accept as  your truth, from what you are given by Spirit through any medium.                            
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