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About Ernest M. Henry

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       Early History:

  • Born in Fiji, my spiritual journey started as a young boy. I had a strong pull to nature and spirit, I heard its sounds and voices, saw its many images, emotionally, physically and psychically. I was awakened to spirit early in my childhood, I asked many questions, but the answers given by many didn’t seem to fulfill my soul’s longing or curiosity, so like most, began my long search.


  • Having served my country in the armed services (Navy), and with  a para medical, nursing and business  background scanning over decades in the medical industry, actively involved with many new pioneering medical and surgical technologies, complimented by a long career in the corporate world, running many international companies as its CEO,  head of business, with other senior roles, with mergers, acquisitions, start-ups, completed my working portfolio.I struggled between balancing the unending essence of my spirituality, which was my passion, and the medical world that I worked in for many years, an industry based solely on scientific data and fact, vs my spiritual faith.


  • I have spent decades searching, questioning all that I saw and knew, traveling the world, learning, doing multitude of courses, building a knowledge base that never seemed to end. This was my lot as they say, so spirit said “you want proof this is the hard way around, but go for it.” I experienced, saw and learned a lot from many amazing people, the highs and lows, looking for answers, finding out what was real for me, eventually learning the hard way, that somethings are meant to be seen, but felt inwardly, not on some paper. Most of the time the proof is starring us in the face, and we can’t see or feel it, as we don’t trust our intuition, or our own gifts that each of us are given.


       Spiritual Path:

  • Over 35 years I have worked a lot with energy and healing, as a Reiki master and practitioner, Intuitive Empath , holistic massage therapist, Aura Soma practitioner as one its early foundation students, with others in this early group, and various other mediumship modalities as a meditation teacher, intuitive empath, trance channel medium, science of numbers and crystal energies.


  • We are many things on our spiritual journey so Christianity, Hindu and Buddhistic philosophies, along with courses with Ernest Holmes Institute of Religious Science, as one of their first early students in Australia, has given me a spiritual base and balance, needed for my journey, which I am truly grateful for.” In this time various meditation techniques were learnt and taught, used to calm the soul, to travel within to find one’s own inner compass and self alignment, to help find my  path and my  own self-truth.


  • Current Spiritual Service and Practice:

  • Co Author of a recent book called, Soul Pathways a book of inspirational trance channeled messages, with contributions from other Sydney mediums, a solo second book on Soul Alignment by myself due out soon.

  • I serve as an Intuitive Empath, facilitating Twin Flame and Soul Alignment guidance workshops and readings. My  focus is on Spiritual, Self, and Business Alignment, as a Life Coach, and mentor,  helping to align clients to their own self truth. I assist all, and serve all souls as a walking compass with them, guiding and supporting them when needed.

  • As a Twin Flame I am passionate in his area, and  work with Soul Mates, Twin Flames in transition or in separation, as a facilitator and journey guide back to their own self alignment journey.

  • I released my first set of  54 key card deck called, Soul, Spiritual, Self - Alignment Key cards designed to assist all in finding your self on your journey.

  • Further released 18 channeled spirit message gift cards for alignment, Twin Flame, Soul mates.

  • JUST RELEASED! My 54 card deck for Twin Flames - Journey to the Heart available in the store and at my stand E36 at the up coming Mind Body Spirit Festival 4-7th April in Sydney Darling Harbor.

  • As an Intuitive Empath, Trance channel medium, my other current interest work is in inspirational and channeled writings, numerology, sound frequency, sacred geometry, crystal energies make up who I am.


Each soul's journey is so personal and unique, through self  surrendering and letting go, self-judgment, self-change occurs, self-love increases, you find self, your soul, a humility and a strong intuitive pull to spirit occurs, through this process you understand what Divine love is,and what that role of self love is all about, and the  part it plays in your life, and the incredible influence it will have on others around your immediate circle.


I know understand our journey is all about reconnecting to source to our self-love, without this  we are a like ship without a rudder to guide us. I am grateful to spirit, and all those very special souls, and my Twin Flame that have helped shape me to discover my own inner self alignment and who I am today.


​​Twin Flame and Soul Alignment Readings available by appointment.

I facilitate tailored workshops and training courses when required.

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