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Twin Flame Journey to the Heart Card Deck plus 20 minute skype or phone session

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Purchase a Twin Flame Journey to the Heart Card Deck @ $45 with a 20 minute skype -phone session and receive the session at a discounted price of $36.00

Must be purchased together.

Using the Twin Flame Cards will help you understanding the self-alignment process of your journey to your heart and will assist both to grow and merge vibrationally higher into a deeper state of consciousness and union, either separately or together.

Enclosed in the card deck, you will find 9 Master Twin Flame Heart Keys, and 45 Twin Flame Alignment Keys, this will help you unlock your inner doors in finding your heart's compass, and the most important soul in your current life, you. Trust the cards, and your self in what is chosen, as the message is a glimpse into your own self truth, as it stands right now.

As Twin Flames re-unite, they begin to self-align, to complete and help each other’s self-growth, either separately or together. This is an ancient agreement both Twins have made in previous lives, or when they were together as one Purple Flame.

These Twin Flame Heart Guide Cards are dedicated to my Twin, and all the brave Twin Flames who sought to bare their soul and share their journey with me.

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