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Over 30 years, I have worked a lot with energy and healing, I serve as a Soul and Spiritual Alignment coach, counselor, Intuitive empath, Trance channel medium,Twin Flame and soul journey guide, Reiki master, certified massage therapist, Aura Soma practitioner,helping you align to yourself and your truth whatever that is.

I serve all souls as a walking compass, guiding and supporting you when needed, helping you find your path of inner self-alignment towards your own self journey within. I help you to find and connect to your inner voice, your-self, your sound, your colour, your path, through finding self,its about your choices,timing what is right for you.

Every soul seeking enlightenment who is touched or embraced by spirit is given a gift to develop and grow. Soul Pathways shares the inspired words of nine new age practitioners and encourages every reader to seek their own words from within.

Their is potential in all people to receive the flow of magic from the spirit world,guides,teachers,healers,mentors and masters. Its the responsibility of all who are touched to use these words to benefit not only themselves but others as well.

This book is one part of my journey and also for those of you who are inspired by spirits or channel. If you too are given words of longing from spirit,to pass on to others,let Soul Pathways lead the way. Its our deepest wish to open a door for others who will be touched by the magic of love and healing.

To the uninitiated,our words may seem simple,but the words and messages of spirit are of love,a language all living beings understand.

Thank you for purchasing the book we hope you enjoy the journey it has to offer.

Peace and blessings,

Ernest M. Henry

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